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APROPO SK s.r.o. is an established fire protection company. In more than 30 years, thanks to the number of successful cooperation and thanks to continuous education, we have gained a really rich experience which we are transformed into the highest quality services.


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Complete fire protection of the building

Fire seals

Fire protection for steel structures

Fire protection coatings, cable ducts, air conditioning, HVAC dampers, fire partitions

Delivery, installation and service of fire doors

Fireproof paints and coatings

Complete fire protection of the building

Installation, inspection and repair of automatic fire extinguishing systems

Installation, repair and oreview of stable and semi-stable fire extinguishing equipment

Fire protection of floor structures



Our success is built on 3 basic pillars: 100% quality of work, expertise and customer comfort.

Gabčíkovo Waterworks

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Continental – Zvolen

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Business Centre HEXAGON – Žarnovica

Business Centre Piritov – Nové Zámky

Jasplastik – Nitra

Shopping Centre Mlyny - Nitra

Apartment house Ovál – Topoľčany

Technogym Logistics Hall Malý Krtíš

Bekaert – Hlohovec

Avion Shopping Park – Bratislava



It is a technically oriented company that deals with passive fire safety of buildings. The company has developed special fire protection systems with officially tested constructions that meet the requirements of relevant standards from all areas of construction. The main product is PROMATECT® fire protection boards. They are non-flammable large-scale calcium silicate boards made without asbestos. The company is part of Promat International, which is a part of the Etex Group holding with more than 100 companies in 40 countries and 22,000 employees.
It is a leading Slovak manufacturer of fire shutters with a long tradition and experience. The production program offers a choice of steel, aluminium, wooden, fire and non-fire walls, doors and windows. We offer them in various sizes, surface treatment, solid and glazed. Fire shutters are certified by accredited testing laboratories FIRES s. r. o. Slovakia and PAVÚS Česko. A wide range of fire shutters are complemented by safety and airtight doors.
It is a notified and authorized institution for the performance of certification and testing services in the assessment and verification of the constancy of parameters of construction products with a focus on fire safety of construction products. At the same time, we are an authorized technical assessment body and a technical assessment body (TAB) – a member of EOTA, which is authorized to issue national or European Technical Assessments (ETA) for selected construction products.
Further cooperation Dunamenti s.r.o. – Kolárovo MANDIK GROUP – Nové Zámky Cognitio s.r.o. – Croatian Tomb BS TEAM – Nitra